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Should You Buy a Salvage Car?

Should you buy a salvage car? What is a salvage car? What auctions can you buy them from, and do you need a dealer license to buy a salvage car? …

4 weeks ago
Is it Worth it to Buy a Salvage Title Car?

Online auctions have made it easier than ever before to buy salvage title cars online, but are they worth buying? Let’s look at what a salvage title car is, the …

1 month ago updated 03/04/2020
How Can I Buy Cars at Auction?

You may be wondering ‘How can I buy cars at auction?‘ – you’ve come to the right place! We will explain the process here, and show you how to access …

1 month ago updated 03/02/2020
Buying a Salvage Jeep Wrangler From an Auction

The Jeep Wranger is a safe, reliable American vehicle. How can you get one cheaply? How do Salvage Jeep Wrangler auctions work? We will explore.
The Jeep Wrangler has historically been …

2 months ago
Buying a Salvage Porsche from an Auction

As a premier German brand, Porsche means luxury to many people. However, there is a way to get your hands on a Porsche that is cheaper than going to a …

3 months ago
Buying a Salvage Harley Davidson from Auction

Harley Davidson motorcycles are another icon of the US. They can be very expensive, so how do you get one cheaper? Can you buy a salvage Harley Davidson motorcycle from …

3 months ago updated 01/28/2020
Buying a Salvage Mustang at Auction

Ford Mustangs are icons of American design. Buying a salvage Mustang to repair is a way of getting one cheaper. But where can you buy one? And what else do …

4 months ago updated 12/27/2019
Buying a Salvage Chevrolet Corvette at Auction

What is a salvage Chevrolet Corvette? Where can you find them, and can they be repaired and re-titled? We take a look at these questions and more.
The Corvette
The Chevrolet Corvette …

4 months ago
Finding Salvage Jaguar Cars for Sale Online to Repair

Since the introduction of the XE and F-Pace, Jaguar has seen a significant increase in sales. The XE and F-Pace account for almost three-quarters the volume of Jaguars sold in …

4 months ago
Best Used Cars to Buy Under $10,000

Searching for a great used car can sound difficult and exhausting. However, you can make it an easy task if you do your research. Research is extremely important before you …

4 months ago
Buying a Salvage Tesla

What is a salvage Tesla? How can you find a salvage Tesla for sale? Can they be repaired, what about the parts? Let’s explore.
Tesla started developing its first electric car, …

5 months ago
The Total Cost of Buying a Car From a U.S. Auction

Thinking about buying a car? If you are, you’re probably wondering how much it will cost you. And if you have a budget, chances are you’ve considered buying a used …

5 months ago
Buying Mini Cooper Salvage Cars for Sale

Mini Coopers are iconic cars with a large and growing following. Mini Cooper salvage cars are a great way of getting one of these vehicles affordably. Salvage Minis can be …

5 months ago updated 01/28/2020
A Guide to Finding Repo Cars for Sale

A repo car dealer auction is where used car dealers go to buy a repossessed vehicle. This is one of the fastest ways that banks, leasing companies or other lenders …

5 months ago updated 03/03/2020
Car Auction Checklist: What You Need to Have Ready

We know that attending a car auction can be very exciting. But we also know that it can be somewhat confusing. Especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. …

6 months ago